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Meet The Deck Guys


Philip, is the owner of Denver Decks and the managing member of Denver Decks, LLC - He is your Deck Answer Man, so please give him a call at 303-730-9642 for the accurate answers to a deck or patio question. He has a real passion to serve our Lord Jesus and your family well; and also to facilitate this same opportunity for these other men to serve your family also


Paul, after serving Christ in the field for many years as a very talented deck carpenter, he is now serving your family as a seasoned design consultant - decks, patios and all types of roofs and shade arbor projects. He is the one responsible for the many details that make your project run so smoothly and finish well.


Jay, was a master deck builder of many years in the field, he is now serving your family as the chief project manager for all the carpenter deck crews. He is responsible for the coordination of all job site preparations, trailer and equipment management and the accurate training of new carpenters in this ever changing industry. With a desire toward true excellence before God, it has earned him a place of leadership among his own peers and my respect.

John T.

Mike, is so very talented and also prolific at eack of the areas of the carpentry craft, that we have placed him in the field as the product superintendent to assure that the products we build are consistent to an exceptionally high standard of construction.  He is also training every carpenter at a higher level of skill and application as each day of work passes


Wagner Wagner, a very diligent man, wise in his decision making, who has learned the deck trade under the teaching of A.J. He is very keen to see the areas that make for a better and stronger deck, taking the time and effort on the project to help our clients to know why it is the best deck, roof & arbor around
David C Stephen, a true Master at the trade; he is finely skilled with many years of experience as a Master deck, shade arbor, roof and home builder. He also is working with his son - passing on this knowledge to the next generation.
Mike Jason, is a very talented and quality minded true craftsman without a doubt. His expertise is very well rounded in building, in the training of other men and he is also looking forward to growing with Denver Decks, LLC as he excells in so many of the different facets of the carpentry that he himself loves to do.
Micah Felipe, is an experienced finish Master Carpenter. He has proven himself to be very versitile in many types of structures and works well with the other carpenters he has had the opportunity to work with. We are looking forward to many years of building the decks, roofs and shade arbors moving forward


Garrett, is extremely gifted and a talented carpenter who has been learning the trade for the last few years; he is such a good listener, so very perceptive and eager to learn everything necessary to grow through field training that has allowed him to build some very intricate projects. He is proving himself to be one of the best carpenters around


Jim, has been building houses for over three decades and has worked with us (on and off) for the last two decades now. He is a true Master Carpenter and quite possibly teacher of this new generation of young men coming of age


Frank, in only a couple years has proven to be a diligent and hard working carpenter, who has been learning the trade under the teaching and careful supervision of Wagner previously and with Jason now (both are shown above). He has aspirations to be a lead carpenter someday soon.
Carlos Carlos, serves your family as the concrete project manager, a master at the color, finish and the stamp blends; he also serves your family in the lead position of the stamp concrete crew and is learning the finer details and the rigors of leading men. His band is leading worship music in a church near you
Casho Casho (Roberto), has the true talent from many decades of real experience with the concrete forming, stamping and finishing. His responsibility is to make it right, pitch the patio correctly and make it look straight. His heart for our Lord Jesus Christ and for the local church exceeds all that by far. He also serves as a Pastor

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