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Employment Opportunities

Denver Decks is always looking for new talent to increase the level of service that we can provide our clients in every area of the deck and patio industries. If you feel you can be an asset toward that goal, we would be very interested in speaking with you to discuss if there are available opportunities at this time. To start off the process, we would like to hear from you by e-mail ( or by fax (303) 730-9804 with a complete resume including your skills, experience, products or other services, which may benefit our cause in providing the highest level of service, honor, integrity and professionalism to our clients.


Read our welcome below before you send the e-mail.

Deck Answerman

Can you serve others?

Welcome my friend

I would like to welcome your interest in working with Denver Decks Patio or Deck Divisions and take this opportunity to extend a hand of fellowship to you. This could be your chance to utilize all of the talents and experience you have gained over the past years to serve others in the field of carpentry or in concrete finish work. Your presence here today marks a change in the path of your life and the beginning of a vast and new adventure with us on the journey of a lifetime.

We have learned beyond all other things that letting go of our own understanding, surrendering our lives and learned talents to trust in God's economy and relying on a wisdom greater than ourselves has proven to have been the only true path to real and lasting freedom. Remember, when you place your trust in the Lord and rely completely on His promises, you start your journey with complete victory from the beginning and spend the rest of your life observing His ways, which are greater than our ways and you experience the way to achieve the real success as He faithfully directs and illuminates your steps.

This journey, like all other journeys in your past, has many different facets and will not be an easy process by any means, but may be the most rewarding action you have ever taken toward attaining the joy and peace you have always wanted in your life. Listed below are some basic points that may illuminate the way and help you to decide the level to which you are willing to commit to your own success.

  1. Planning - Joe deck and patio guy has always felt the natural draw toward a trade and has known about his gifts and talents for most of his life. He has built many projects for other people and seeing the good he has done, gives him encouragement to move on to the next level. He wants desperately to graduate to a higher level in his skills and would like to make a lasting difference in the world through them.
  2. Destination - Joe has grown accustom to many of life's pleasures and desires a certain level of comfort in all areas of his life. He desires to be at peace with God, raise a family, to interact effectively within his work environment and at the end of the day he wants to remain immovable in the truth of his own integrity. Through it all, there always seems to be something missing in his life, something that delays and hinders the success of his plans.
  3. Course - Joe searches every way known to him to reach this lofty destination and often gets side tracked down roads that do not lead to anywhere and sometimes even gets lost along the way. He decides to listen to the still small voice which has faithfully directed him for many years toward serving the needs of others above his own. After much consideration, he decides to trust his instincts and places his faith solely on God's provision and starts to follow His way. In humility, Joe agrees to place others needs before his own.
  4. Time - Joe starts to comprehend the time frame in which these events will take place and believes that the journey will encompass the rest of his life. He also sees that he will reap the benefits for all eternity, starting today and increasing rapidly everyday thereafter.
  5. Cost - Joe calculates the costs very carefully and weighs them against the benefits. He understands now that it will cost him everything he hated about himself, all things that are not right or good, and that God will daily replace these things with good things, true things and "peace with God" being among the very first.
  6. Conditions - Joe can see that the conditions of travel are sometimes rough and the road tends to get quite slippery in places. He remains persistent and starts to see that the treacherous ways and trials along the way are starting to make him stronger in the faith. That perseverance is now turning into proven character, leading to hope; a lasting hope that does not disappoint him.
  7. Departure - Joe has thoroughly investigated all the aspects of this journey he is on; he starts counting the costs of true obedience, weighing the potential opposition from others who do not believe the truth; this true way. He spends an increasing amount of time and effort plotting his course carefully so as to be thoroughly prepared for all that will come along the way. Will Joe really do well on this epic journey? Can this possibly be the definition of real life; could this type of transformation really happen to you too?

Yes, this can really happen to you too! Joe shows up everyday to pick up a broom (learning humility as we go forward) and works as the janitor who has the challenge of cleaning up behind the entire company, from the laborer to management. He experiences the wonderful love God has for him daily and is constantly increasing in his faith at an awesome rate. Joe deck guy leaves my house with a renewed courage every morning and returns to kiss my wife and children every evening ... blessed in this world, and forever in eternity. Hi, my name is Philip ... I'm Joe the deck and patio guy!

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