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If you need help with any part of life or maybe have a prayer request, please provide the following information along with your request on the email. ANY messages posted ( to us; ALL information shared with us about any subject will be held in the highest level of confidentiality for your care and general well being.

We can really understand that not one of us has previously, presently or will ever experience true perfection in this current life, as many of us came from or have encountered a very deep and dark place in our walk through this life - knowing from experience just what it looks like and sometimes even able to relate to someone elses difficulties when life seems to go sideways. If you currently do not know God as your Savior and Lord, and would like to know Him personally yourself, or would just like to talk about any point of sound doctrine related to God, His wonderful character or how you can glorify Him in your life, please call Philip or Paul in our office at (303) 730-9642 and we would be happy to invest our time and lives to assist you in any way we can. May you Be Blessed and not walk alone today!

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Click the Deck Answerman button below to send us your request and then put 'prayer request' in the subject line, Blessings to you folks

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Hope for you

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