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  • We begin our service with answers to your questions by phone or e-mail and schedule an appointment whereby Philip or Paul will come to your residence to assist you in designing your deck, solid roof or patio project. Diverse engineeringDiscussions take place concerning functional uses, family size and their patterns, code requirements, possible restrictions as well as the budget and style issues that may affect your design, size, shape and aesthetics.
  • We may be able to deliver a ball park figure at that time of the estimate, however the actual quoted price shall be determined at the office after thorough examination of all the details and with our computer aided database systems and lumber market confirmation. The database is designed to bid the materials and all of its components by the square foot, face foot or lineal footage according to the species of wood or type of finish desired, the foundation costs and labor costs with a minimal profit margin. It is set up to give accurate material and labor costs for hundreds of options that are frequently requested, but also needs to be Verified with standard market variations. The job site conditions, elevations, existing structural conditions and landscaping will always have some bearing on the ease or difficulty and will often effect the human aspect of the job and schedule of the project.
  • The bid shall be faxed, e-mailed, mailed, hand delivered and or verbally Simple beautygiven at our earliest opportunity and in most cases within three or four business days of the estimate. The quote shall be comprised of a computer drawing, a proposal for services listing all requested options, which is discounted for cash or check price, a contract for services and a fax cover sheet explaining in detail how to proceed with the process if you wish to move forward with the project. We require that you send us a copy of your site plan with the signed contract and initialled proposal; this could be a survey, plot plan, site plan or an Improvement Location Certificate. Please note that the cost of the permit, engineering and site plan (if one does not exist and we have to draw one for you; if possible) fees will be in addition to the cost of the total project and will be sent (via fax or email) to you after the permit has been purchased at the Building Department.
  • The instructions to get the project started are simple, please fax or send us a signed copy of the contract, initialed proposal with the selected options clearly noted, and an initialed copy of the accepted plan or drawing of the project. You will be contacted by one of our office personnel to determine the desired schedule for construction.

(No Money Down)……… Note: If your project is a deck, shade arbor, patio cover or any other project requiring a permit we will need a copy of the Improvement Location Certificate - or plot plan (which is usually located with the closing papers of the property) to submit your permit. If you have a problem locating the papers please call your title company or Realtor, or check with the building department of the municipality in which you reside.

  • Within a couple days of scheduling the project a locating service will show up at your property to locate the gas, electrical, and other utilities. Please keep any dogs inside the house and give the locators free access until the location services have been performed and the lines are clearly marked with paint and flags. This is a free service of a safety nature. The locator shall mark the grass or other landscaping materials with a biodegradable paint or flags (in certain weather conditions, both will be requested). Please try to keep the markings in place until we start work on the site.
  • Meanwhile a staff member will coordinate material and labor needs as well as submitting for building permits when required. Please remember that the actual cost of the permit and zoning shall be reimbursed by you, the homeowner, at the time of completion of the project when the other project moneys are collected. Unfortunately, it is too great a challenge to estimate exactly how the governing municipality within the 17 cities and counties we work in shall assess and interpret the permit and zoning fees. They can often vary within building departments depending on the structural requirements and the estimated project costs.

We will be ordering and delivering more material and hardware than is actually necessary for your project, knowing that the lumber yard will send a few pieces that do not meet our standards and cannot be used on the project. These materials will be delived in your driveway and will be banded together and protected from the weather when necessary, so please do not remove any packaging or banding that is required to keep the materials in good shape. We will be returning all materials that are left in the driveway at the end of the project, for you are not purchasing these materials, but the finished product.

  • A deck specialist shall drill the caissons, pour concrete and set metal post anchors if the job calls for a structural foundation. Some municipalities require an inspection of these caisson holes. Note: the placement of caissons or concrete piers will create excess dirt around the drilling area and you should expect to allow for some removal, relocation or re-grading in and around this area. This is also the perfect opportunity to place your landscape fabric or other ground cover for future landscape. We will remove the dirt from the caisson holes as standard practice unless you specifically request that we leave the dirt for you. Please remove any sod or grass, which you wish to use elsewhere before we start the work.

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  • Denver Decks would like to enjoy the privilege of placing a sign in your front yard for advertising while on site until the work is completed and paid for in full, having our signs on the trailers in front of your house and using the pictures of all stages of the construction as well as having future clients contact you to ask questions and come to the site to see the quality finished product for two years. If you have any objections, please notify the office (303-730-9642) at the time of the work order placement so that we may perform our services according to your request.
  • Project materials shall be delivered in the driveway on the side closest to the fence gate (please remove all vehicles, which will be affected inside the garage and place on the street parking so that cars do not get trapped) on the day we commence work and the carpenters are scheduled to arrive between 8:00 - 6:00 a.m. to start work. Philip will deliver a scrap/debris trailer to maintain a clean and safe project site. Depending on conditions, you will be able to use certain portions of the area around the construction project and will be asked to refrain from using other areas near your new deck or structure for several days for safety reasons.
  • A final inspection shall be performed by the building department between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. if a permit was required, prior to the time of a scheduled collection; insome cases the carpenter will collect the check when he is finished if the clients are home and available to walk through the deck to confirm the details. All unused new and used materials and the debris are removed from the property by a Denver Decks representative. After the project is paid for is usually the time at which you shall Gorgeous landscapingwant to treat any exterior wood, paint, seal or schedule a trained professional to satisfy any protective coating requirements necessary. Cap-stock materials will not need this care.
  • Please be sure to review your contract and proposal thoroughly to know what the responsibilities of each party are and ask lots of questions if you are unsure about anything. If you have questions please contact the office by phone, email or cell and we'll be available to serve your needs as you make the questions known to us. 303-730-9642

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