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Some Other Services We Do Offer

We do not distribute or directly sell BBQ and Kitchen Equipment but we will help you with some referals to quality products that work for all types Outdoor Living and entertainment applications

We do also layout, fit and install these units as we are building and crafting your new kitchen; see the manufacturer for product warranty information and always have each item site delivered

Help is available here with advise on form, function and accurate applications to get the best result of each design feature possible

We do install many doors and replace some types of windows when doors are removed

Over the years, we have installed many types of Sliding, Entry and French doors for the additional access from upper bedrooms and other type of living spaces. In some more simple cases we are replacing existing windows by using the previous framing provided by the home builder and in other more extensive cases we have to remove the siding, trim and the wll sheathing in order to re-frame the door headers (interior house framing beams) to fit the present or future applications. In all these cases, the recent 2018 Building Codes require that we install an outside light to illuminate the floor or landing area outside the door and an interior switch for that light; and an electrical 110 outlet is added in almost all new door applications.

We do install all types of windows as new improvements for energy efficiency and upgrades for their aesthetics. We can also install new windows in structural and non-bearing exterior walls in the place of a previous door when decks are eliminated. Please be advised that We Do Not sell or supply the window or door products (installation only) nor do we propose the finish caulk, paint or stain of any product, this type of work would be contracted directly with a painting contractor.

Siding and trim replacement

We remove and replace all types of Masonite, Hardy-Board, Pro-trim and real wood siding for every application; mainly because of poor construction practices being used when the house was originally built, or because of water damage type issues that have occurred above or near the previous deck ledger application. When this rotting or water damage has occurred behind the deck ledger that we are replacing, we sometimes have to replace the structural floor or rim joists, OSB wall sheathing, thermo-ply and insulation as it is needed.  We are not a siding or window company (per say) so you will need to contact the appropriate professionals to do partial or whole house siding projects.

We do install certain types of soil retaining walls - mostly of concrete, wood & block

We can install solid wood timbers as well as architectural block walls, terraces for stairs and landings as requested in the design perameters.

We do install all types of real wood fences and some privacy partitions and screens

We have installed all types of solid wood and composite custom type fence systems as well as many corral and stock type fencing products.

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For any other trades of carpentry services, please contact our office at (303) 730-9642 for referrals or please email Paul at the office (below)

Deck Answerman