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** Advice from the Deck Answer Man desk **

Paying money up front is not a prudent idea

Make it a point to pay for your deck or patio project when it has been completed to your full satisfaction. When a down payment or partial payments are made during or at the beginning of a project, all parties suffer. In most cases the client will not receive the quality craftsmanship and excellent service they require once partial monies are paid. The contractor will lose motivation without a clear and objective goal. If the revenue is misdirected to anything other than your job, the carpenters working on the project may not get paid an appropriate wage and on time. Often times, the material suppliers will not receive the payment on time for their products and services.

Get the deck you really want for the price you agreed upon, every time!

** Advice from the Deck Answer Man desk **

Being a willing or an ignorant partner to illegal labor practices will hurt you as well!!

Please, be aware of the market prices within the concrete industry. When a quote from any company is more than ten percent less than the rest of the qualified competitors, you are getting ready to lose big. The fines for knowingly hiring illegal aliens can range from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. Denver Decks will continue to furnish the quality materials, experienced craftsman and the exceptional service you have come to expect.

The cost is never worth the crime!

** Advice from the Deck Answer Man desk **

Pricing for DECKS

In most cases your average 200 to 500 square foot grade level deck will be built with a concrete caisson foundation, treated frame (S.Y.P. # 1), galvanized Simpson hardware, 1 x 6 composite or cap-stock decking, snow railing system, and a few steps to the ground. (Brick, Stucco and Vinyl siding houses will be an exception to this standard rule because of the ledger application requirements - 2009 and 2012 I.R.C. and other relevant Building Codes)

Call for accurate pricing 303-730-9642 on your specific project. Please be sure to have the measurements of your project available when you call. Customizing items, small sizes and site complications will increase the cost of any deck.

Our price on any given deck or patio is calculated by a computer database designed to accurately estimate each item in great detail. Your consultant is a trained professional, and will be identifying the cost from a variety of factors. During these hard economic times, we want to make sure that you are getting the best value. Denver Decks is all about fair pricing at a great value. We know that our customers are looking to get the deck they really want, with all the options they desire, from the hands of experienced craftsman, with exceptional service and all at the least possible cost available. General pricing will be available by phone so that our customers can budget their projects more effectively and design a project accommodating all their needs.

Here are some standard guidelines that may help you in the process.

Type of material -------------------------Typical price range

Heart Redwood ----------------------$39 to 42per square foot

Keystone Cedar --------------------- $36 to 38 per square foot

Trex w/ Cedar rail ------------------- $41 to 46 per square foot

Trex w/ TimberTech rail ------------- $45 to 52 per square foot

Trex w/ Transcend railing ------------ $48 to 55 per square foot

Evergrain w/ Cedar rail -------------- $40 to 46 per square foot

Evergrain w/ TimberTech rail --------- $44 to 52 per square foot

Timbertech w/ Builder rail ------------ $45 to 55per square foot

Timbertech w/ Custom Timbertech rail $45 to 49 per square foot

Fiberon w/ Trex or TimberTech Rails $48 to 58 per square foot

Pricing for PATIOS

A typical patio off the back door of the house will be between 200 to 500 square feet. We charge $10 to $12 per square foot for standard gray concrete, $13 to $15 per square foot for colored concrete and $17 to $20 per square foot for multi-color stamped concrete. Your yard may be several steps down from the door threshold and may need a landing and probably a couple stairs. Landings are usually $400 to $600 and stairs range from $150 to $250. The size and shape will determine the cost. The grade of the land may require a thickened edge to be formed and finished around the perimeter of the patio. Costs will vary according to the complexity of the total project. Sidewalks and driveways will be priced according to their access and availability to equipment. All pricing is subject to market flctuation and site inspection.

Prices will only increase with time; buy now to save money

** Advice from the Deck Answer Man desk **

Call for accurate pricing 303-730-9642 on your specific project. Please be sure to have the measurements of your project available when you call. Customizing items, small sizes and site complications will increase the cost of any deck.

Solid roofs (shed, gable and hip style) Patio covers, upper level decks, large sets of stairs, Pergolas, spiral staircases, benches, planters, trellis work, cabinets, tables and lighting packages will increase the cost of a deck from $ 5 to $ 50 per square foot.

  • Rain Escape Deck Drainage Systems
  • Deckorators and Fortress Rail Components
  • Composite, Wood and PVC Deck Screws
  • TigerClaw Hidden Fastening Systems

** Advice from the Deck Answer Man desk **

If you've made it this far, you're a serious and prudent consumer.

Whether your house is new or older, we can assist you to create the deck, patio or outdoor structure that meets your needs and can satisfies your unique and individual style.

In the following list, we have provided some questions and considerations that you can use to qualify a good company or to establish a standard bidding guide.

  1. Is the company seeking your best interest through safety, accessibility, character and esthetic issues?
  2. Will the designer be open to blending your ideas, other deck plans and his company's experience to provide you with the best plan they can offer you?
  3. Are the drawings, proposals and contracts designed to be clear, easy to read and geared to protect your interests as well as their own?
  4. Are the prices quoted to you specific and in line with comparable designs you have obtained?
  5. Is the company capable of meeting your family's schedules, restrictions and other circumstances?
  6. Has the estimator informed you of all zoning or permit requirements, Homeowner Association applications, drainage and other related issues?
  7. Did the estimator spend sufficient time to inquire about your family’s habits, conceptual uses or frequency of parties and gatherings? Did they take note of your desires and provide you with visual aids that help you better understand the project?
  8. Is the company widely known and respected by the neighbors in your area (request a list of references in your area), do they have good reviews on Angie's List, the Better Business Bureau and the Building Department where you currently reside?
  9. Is the company properly licensed in your city and will be obtaining the applicable building permits?
  10. Does the company maintain at least $1,000,000.00 liability insurance and do they frequently have claims? (Request a copy of their Liability Policy)
  11. Are the material supplier’s specialists at handling the products proposed in your project and do they deliver the products directly or are they picked up?
  12. Will a scrap trailer or debris container be provided to insure that your site is kept clean daily?
  13. Are the crews that perform the different tasks specialized and well equipped for the project?
  14. Is the concrete premixed from a professional Ready-Mix company or mixed from a bag on site?
  15. Is a person of authority available throughout the project to answer questions and your concerns?
  16. Does the company have an administrator to promptly react to any changes that will occur?
  17. Does the company fund the entire project or do they require down or intermediate payments?
  18. Is the carpenter assigned to your project solely committed to your job until its completion?
  19. Does the company have trained staff that make timely inspections within business hours?
  20. Is the warranty specifically designed to exceed the drying period of the material used? (1 to 2 years)

Be a smart consumer and check it out thoroughly, it will save you in the end! Where there are many councilors, there will come victory.

** Advice from the Deck Answer Man desk **

Hope for you

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